Accessorizing a Simple Dress

Every bride has that one dress that makes her feel like a princess. And with every bride, there is a different taste and different want that she has for that dress. If you prefer to keep things elegant and simple, you may prefer a more simple dress, something that doesn’t have a lot of embellishments. We offer tips for accessorizing a simple dress that allows you to play up the other areas of your bridal look, without having to have bling and sparkle on your dress.

1. Play up the jewelry

Obviously, when you choose a more simple dress, you have a little more freedom when it comes to the bridal jewelry you plan on wearing. Some dresses tend to fight the jewelry for attention, and can be too much to have a bigger statement necklace while you also have a dress with lots of embellishments. If you are accessorizing a simple dress, you can add a bigger, bolder necklace or earrings and bracelet. The jewelry won’t compete with the dress for attention, but will instead add a classic touch of elegance, perfect for the bride-to-be.

2. Wear your hair loose and with embellishments

Adding to your hairstyle is another great way to add some more glitz and glamour, while still staying true to your wants and needs of a more simple gown. Depending on the neckline of your dress, you can wear your hair in a variety of ways, and there are several hair pieces that can be added to your look. From flowers to sparkles, there are many ways to play up your accessories, and add a special touch to your bridal look.

3. Add a bold pop of color

When you have a simple dress, you can easily add to it by adding a pop of fun color. Perhaps it’s a sash that goes over your dress and ties in a beautiful bow in the back to match your bridesmaid dresses or maybe you prefer a colorful piece of jewelry that matches your red lipstick. No matter which one you choose, a bright pop of color is perfect for a variety of wedding themes and looks.

While many people think that a simple wedding gown can be restrictive, it’s actually easier than ever to accessorize a simple dress. The fewer embellishments on the gown, the easier it is to add your special flair and style to your bridal look.