Bridal Earring Styles

Earring Styles

Finding the right wedding earring styles for the big day can seem overwhelming. The key is to make sure you have a diverse range of options available to meet your personality, budget, and most importantly, to match your dress. At Anna Bellagio, we offer a huge selection of bridal earrings, from studs to chandeliers. While we offer the majority of our bridal earring styles with surgical steel posts, we also have many choices that are offered in clip earrings as well. Of course, when it comes to finding the right selection for you, it is helpful to know the different types available. Here are the wedding earring styles we offer at Anna Bellagio.


These are earrings that do not dangle and often resemble a button in appearance. Button earrings can vary in size and style but always cover the lobe of the ear. See our “Amina” button style earring for an example.


This is one of the most popular when looking at bridal earring styles since it adds a nice note of dramatic elegance to any look. This is an earring that dangles and has multiple pendants that drop off and tier or cascade. Our “Elizabetta" is one of our best-selling chandelier earrings.


A favorite for younger wedding guests such as the flower girl, these are earrings that are not pierced. We have many earrings in the color pearl bar that are available in clip.


When looking for a dramatic look that is also full of feminine appeal, this is a great choice for creating a bold look resembling flowers. Cluster earrings are decorative elements grouped together closely. The “Peony” earring is a gorgeous version of a cluster earring.


For an option that meets somewhere between a button and chandelier, these earrings are a perfect choice. These styles fall just below the earlobe. Our “Lennox” earring is a longer style dangle earring.


Another style that falls below the earlobe, this is similar to a dangle earring. Our “Doria” is a beautiful drop style earring.


A popular style for both elegant and casual wear events, this is an earring that is metal formed into a complete or partial circle. A post style back fits into the earlobe. “Jessica” rhinestone hoop earrings are one of our best-selling hoop styles.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are larger in size and unique in style. These are designed to be take notice looks for the bold bride. Our “Fiona” is a statement style earring.


A simple earring that consists of a single stone or pearl set close to the earlobe without any dangling elements. The “Claire” is a fabulous stud style earring.