When you're a bridesmaid, you may be stuck wondering just how to accessorize for a bridal party. After all, the bride and you have already chosen the accessories for her big day, and at this event, it's not necessary for you to match the other maids, but that can almost make it more difficult. You'll want to look good, but not take away anything from the bride. It may not be her wedding day, but it's another big day for her.

A bridal shower can be a very fun event, but it's another one where the bride needs to be the center of attention. Some ways to accessorize for a bridal party without stealing any of her thunder are listed below.

  • Keep it simple. A simple pair of earrings and a necklace can be the perfect additions to your dress without overpowering your entire outfit. Go with a nice neutral color and something that isn't too much of a statement piece. Teardrop or stud earrings are a great option, as are pearls.
  • Match the other bridesmaids. If you want to ensure that everyone knows who the maids are, go ahead and connect with them to match up your jewelry choices. You should save the matching dresses for the big day, but you all can choose to coordinate colors or even a dress style, and then have matching jewelry to go with it.
  • Avoid white. Same as the wedding, this is the bride's color, so it's best to avoid it on anything related to her big day.
  • Dress to match the theme. Most bridal showers have a theme, so make sure you match it and accessorize accordingly. If the theme is an afternoon tea, a pair of pearls is perfect for with a floral dress. If it's more of a disco party, then go with bigger earrings and bangle bracelets for your accessories.
  • Accessorize a plain colored dress with bright pops of color. Bridal showers are festive fun events, which means you can add bright pops of color with more neutral-colored dresses to add a bit of fun to your outfit. If you're wearing a dress that's brightly patterned, go opposite and go with neutral jewelry pieces to balance it out.