When you get asked to be the bridesmaid or maid of honor, it's more than just getting to wear a pretty dress. You are being asked to help in a pinch, as well as help with some of the planning. It is a large responsibility, and requires your total devotion to the bride, lest you be a part of a mini bridal meltdown. Luckily, with all of this technology, there are apps bridesmaids will want to know about that will help you get through this wedding process.

  • Hobnob. Plan your bachelorette party and bridal shower in a snap with this app that offers stunning invitations in seconds. It goes straight to your phone as a text message, and will easily keep track of who has RSVP'd for you. Goodbye party planning stress.
  • Glamoutfit. Easily coordinate what everyone is wearing with this app, you can even share packing lists. This is perfect for ensuring that everyone is on the same page dress-code-wise.
  • Stylebee. Save the bride some time in planning by using this app to find the best hair stylists and makeup artists for any event, including the big day. They send vetted professionals right to your door, and all you have to do is find the beauty services.
  • Venmo. You will want this app for splitting costs. Generally, the bridesmaids and the maid of honor pay for the bachelorette party, so make sure that you all are designating one person to pay it, and sending her the money with a simple click.
  • Artifact Uprising. This app is perfect for bridesmaids to all put their photos in one place. Yes, there will be a photographer, but you also will be snapping pics of the big day, so you may as well put them all in one place for easy organization. They can even be printed straight from the app!
  • Google Drive. Keep all the details of your party planning in one space from who needs to do what to the budget. This will make sure every aspect is organized, and easier to plan.

We know that this is a big responsibility for you, and these apps bridesmaids will want to know about will help you to step up to the plate and knock out your tasks with ease, while still enjoying this beautiful wedding season with your friend.