With the changing of weddings, the couple may have to ask the question, are wedding favors necessary? This can be a big question for couples who are trying to stick to a strict budget and cut costs where they can, as well as the couple who wants to eliminate waste and doesn't want to see their money spent on something thrown out or worse, left behind for them to deal with the day after the wedding.

When asking the question, are wedding favors necessary, there isn't really a cut and dry answer, unfortunately. They aren't necessary, but they may still be expected by some guests. However, many others do not expect this, as they have enjoyed a great party, a delicious meal, and time spent with friends. As far as if you want to give out wedding favors, that's really a question that can only be answered by the bride and groom. The wedding traditions are changing so quickly, and so many couples are changing things to fit their style, rather than the other way around to fit tradition.

Ultimately, if you want to give your guests a wedding favor, try these suggestions.

  • Choose something edible. This is good for many guests as they can eat it on the way home or the next day, without having to figure out where to put it or putting it in a drawer never to be seen again for years.
  • Give them something useful. So many wedding favors just get tossed in a drawer or thrown out in a couple of years because they have no use. However, if you give your guests something they can use, they'll be sure to use it and think back on your wedding. One option that can be useful is a candle. The only drawback to candles is that some people have allergies, so choose a lighter, more subtle scent for your guests.
  • Don't personalize it. Your guests don't need your wedding date and initials all over a candle they may want to display in the living room, so instead, just make it match the wedding theme or stick with simplicity. This is much more useful for your guests.

Whether you choose to give wedding favors or choose to skip this step, always think about your guests, and try to give them something they'll really enjoy. If your guests love to play outdoor games, and that fits with your wedding, that may be a better option than sending them home with candied almonds or a candle.