Back necklaces are trending in Bridal Jewelry. Recently back necklaces have shown up on the red carpet. Actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathway wore their jewels draped down their back at the 2013 Oscars held last month. Both made quite the impression wearing this trend. Anne wore a chunky diamond statement necklace from Tiffany & Co. Jennifer wore a simple slender diamond chain by Chopard. While they both draped their jewelry down their backs and looked stunning, they were totally two different looks of this style of jewelry.

Wearing a necklace down the back instead of the front can be a great way to draw attention to the back of the gown. Bridal gowns usually have so many details in the front, so adding a little bling and drama to the back can be very elegant. At Anna Bellagio we have several styles that are back necklaces. Our "Aida" necklace is a pearl and crystal lariat, available in more than 40 shades of pearls. "Aida" can be worn to drape down the back and looped to stagger the drop. Our "Annabelle" necklace has a pearl and crystal drop that dangles five inches from the necklace to give the look of a back necklace. We can customize any of our necklaces to add a drop to the back of the necklace. Let us add a dramatic drop to one of our necklaces for you.

Annabelle Neck Highland LavenderAidaNeck