Thinking of white sand, tropical breezes, and the sound of the ocean? Then a beach wedding or tropical destination wedding may be just for you. Even if you can’t get to the beach, there are ways to add coastal touches to your wedding. We have a list of beach wedding trends that are great for coastal or destination weddings, as well as a few ways to add a coastal feel to your landlocked ceremony.


A beautiful trend for beach weddings is a seashell bouquet. You can do this in a couple of different ways, one of them being adding an accent shell to the bouquet, in with the flowers. Another way is to use a variety of shells in lieu of flowers, for a stunning bouquet that will have you feeling under the sea in no time. There are a few other ways to bring that coastal touch to your bouquet, and that includes putting in a variety of flowers that grow near the water, or adding a bunch of bright colors.


There are many ways to bring the coast to your guests’ doorsteps. A cute, unique way is to include a seashell with the invitation or require your guests to open an oyster or pull the invitation out of a glass bottle. You can also use neutral tones for the invitations, and add starfish accents.


Add coastal touches to your accessories with light bridal jewelry. Go for more simplistic pieces, something that is light and not too bulky. This way it’ll fit in with the relaxed beach theme, without going overboard.

Hair Accessories

Same thing goes for hair accessories. Go with something simple, maybe a simple hair vine, or a pretty flower. Or even add a seashell barrette.

With so many ways to bring the coast to any summer or spring wedding, it is no wonder that beach wedding trends are so popular. Whether you are landlocked or live right next to the ocean, there is a beautiful way to add to a coastal themed wedding.