Anyone who wears glasses knows the struggle. You wear a headband, and it clinks with your glasses, or worse, it shifts them so you can’t see straight! Unfortunately, those glasses are fully necessary for you to function on a daily basis, and that means you learn to work around them. For the most part you probably even forget that you wear them. However, when you’re planning a wedding, you may be wondering, what are the best wedding hair accessories with glasses? We have some of the best pieces that won’t interfere with your ability to see your groom, family, and friends, but will still allow you to accent your beautiful hairstyle.

Hair Jewels

Pretty little hair jewels are some of the best wedding hair accessories with glasses. Because of their size, and your ability to place them throughout your hair, you don’t have to have them right near where your glasses rest on your ears. Instead, you can place them all throughout, and they won’t interfere with your glasses or vice versa! They can be scattered or clustered for a more dramatic look.

Hair Combs

Elegant hair combs are perfect for wearing a variety of ways. For one, you can put it in the back of your hair, to help keep it pinned to the side. You can also add it as an accent piece to your half-up hairstyle, with it safely away from your glasses. The hair comb can be nestled into your hair without too much effort, and while it won’t hold your hair back on its own, it is a beautiful addition to any bridal hairstyle.

Hair Clips

Stunning hair clips are another beautiful wedding hair accessory with glasses. They can be placed in a variety of locations, without interfering with your glasses. Add it to the side of your low side bun or add it to where your hair is dramatically pulled back from your face.

Hair Vines

With the ability to be weaved throughout a beautiful braid or twisted among your sea of curls, hair vines are bendable, and won’t get in the way of your glasses, making them some of the best wedding hair accessories with glasses. They add just the right touch to finish your bridal look, but don’t affect your ability to see nor will they be poking into your glasses all day.