When the weather begins to cool down, you'll find that while you may have had a slight dip in weddings to attend, you'll probably start having a full social calendar again. Now, you'll also find that your typical wedding look no longer fits the bill, so we've put together the best colors to wear to a winter wedding.

Much like other fall and winter fashion, the best colors to wear to a winter wedding are going to be darker colors. Think deep purples, maroon, dark blue, green, think very seasonal options. You may also find that the winter weddings you are attending often have more of a formal dress code, so you'll want to take that into account. If it is more of a formal event, you'll want to go with longer dresses, which will help you stay warm, especially if it is an outdoor event. For a more casual wedding, go with a shorter cocktail dress, and accessorize with a coat or shawl that will help to keep you warm when the temperatures drop. A long sleeved option in a dark hue is also a great choice. Now, for a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day wedding, you can also go with a very festive color, such as gold, silver or red. The only thing with red is to make sure that it's a darker more subdued red, not a bright tone.

Another way to have the best colors to wear to a winter wedding are to accessorize. Black is an exceptionally chic option to wear to a wedding, so add beautiful, and seasonal pops of color in your jewelry or shoes. A maroon statement necklace with a matching bracelet will be the perfect accessory for your little black dress that will have you looking very seasonal, and dressy for the big event. With these colors, don't be afraid to go bold, especially if your dress is a bit more subdued. The winter season is a time for bold lipsticks and bold jewelry, something that will really stand out.