There are a lot of special wedding traditions worth knowing as a modern bride. The matter of something blue has been around for generations and continues to play a role in the wedding scene still today. As a modern bride, there are several ways to incorporate this element into your big day. Here are a few ideas for adding blue accessories for your something blue on the big day!

1. Earrings

A beautiful pair of blue earrings is a lovely way to add this special touch of color to your big day. With the option of colored pearls and colored cubic zirconia, you can easily have the right shade of blue while still looking wedding day ready. Best of all, the style possibilities are endless. Whether you prefer a vintage-inspired look with floral elements or a thoroughly modern option with Swarovski crystals adding the blue stones, it is easy to find the right choice for any unique bridal style!

2. Bracelet and necklace

Similar to the earrings, you can choose to add your something blue with a matching bracelet and necklace. This is a great option if you also have hints of blue in your overall wedding party scheme. The key to making this work is to make sure the blue is subtle yet flattering to avoid looking too flashy.

3. Sash

While blue jewelry is a beautiful way to incorporate your something blue, many brides prefer their wedding day accessories without added color. A modern way of adding something blue is to add a blue sash to your dress. This has become an incredibly popular option for this tradition.

4. Flowers

Of course, blue accessories for your something blue aren’t always so obvious! Another option for adding your touch of blue is to add it into the bouquet. Whether you incorporate several blue flowers into the bouquet or just a few touches, it is a beautiful way to carry your something blue down the aisle with you.

5. Garter Belt

Not every bride wants her something blue to be something easily seen. Many brides choose the tradition of choosing a garter belt with a blue ribbon to make sure you stay with the something blue theme, yet the blue stays out of sight until the chosen moment.

6. Sunglasses

The something blue can also be something you use on the wedding day even if you don’t use it during the ceremony. A popular trend with the modern bride is to wear blue sunglasses on her way to the ceremony. Not only does it meet the needs of the blue tradition, it also makes way for some cute photo ops for the bride!