Whether you’re planning your wedding to have a royal blue color scheme or you are trying to incorporate something blue, we have a list of blue wedding trends that will make it that much easier on you.

1. Blue Orchids

Orchids are a beautiful plant, that are hardy and will stand out in your bridal bouquet, especially when they are in such a bright and beautiful color. This bright blue is perfect for being the main color in your theme or for adding just the right touch to give you a pop of blue.

2. Baby blue dresses

Of course, if you’re more traditional, you’ll want to keep your wedding dress in the standard white. But if you love the color blue, add it to your wedding by requesting your bridesmaids wear your favorite color. One of the hottest colors for a summer wedding is baby blue, which is light and breezy, especially beautiful for a beach wedding.

3. Add a sash

Even if your dress didn’t originally come with a sash, you can easily add one to add a pop of blue to your dress. It will not only count as your something blue, but it can also seamlessly blend in with your bouquet or your bridesmaids and their dresses or jewelry.

4. Blue jewelry

Bridal jewelry has come so far from being the standard clear colored gems and stones. Now, brides are adding pops of color to their looks easily by accessorizing with colorful jewelry pieces.

5. Blue table settings

There’s just something summery about a rustic table set-up with beautiful blue flower centerpieces, and blue plates or glasses. They can add just the right amount of color, without being completely overwhelming. Instead, they add just the right amount of color to an otherwise white or crème set-up.

6. Blue ties

Get your groom and his groomsmen in on this tradition! Some weddings are more laid-back and the groom and groomsmen just wear a button down shirt with a tie loosely tied. If that’s more the look you are going for, add the pop of blue by having the men all wear the same blue tie. It’ll be a small touch of color that will really pop.

There are so many ways to incorporate blue wedding trends into your big day, and you can mix and match and choose the best one, or several, depending on what you are looking for.