There's nothing like a summer wedding. The warmth of summer finally coming through after a cold winter, the endless dress options from strappy to strapless, not to mention the different fruity cocktails that can be served, there are so many different reasons to have a summer wedding and be a summer bride. With a summer wedding comes the responsibility of having the perfect bridal accessories for summer brides. Check out our list to accessorize for your big day.

The key to bridal accessories for summer brides is going with classic options rather than trendy.

  • Classic hair accessories. For a summer bride, having the right hair accessories is important, especially if they are likely to have their hair up in some form of updo or braid or ponytail. A classic accessory like a barrette or even a simple ribbon can add a lot to a bridal look, without falling into a trend that you may regret later on in life.
  • Shoes. Add a pop of color to your bridal look this summer with your shoes. While the shoes may not be seen much during the wedding, they can still be fun for you, especially if you want to wear them as your something blue or if you'd rather rock a sparkly pair of white sneakers to dance the day away in comfort. This is a great way to add your own style to your big day, in a way that won't be overtly obvious.
  • Veils. Even in the summer, don't underestimate the power of a veil. This is a classic accessory that we believe is a must for any summer wedding. Summer means it can have lace detailing as well as flowers on it or even seashells if the wedding is on the beach. There are so many possibilities.
  • Jewelry. A summer wedding means you'll want to go a bit lighter on the jewelry, more dainty and delicate necklaces and bracelets, smaller earrings, something more classic perhaps like pearls or small floral pieces.
  • Perfume. The final necessary bridal accessory for summer brides is a dainty perfume. Summer is the time of coconuts and fresh fruit and lighter delicate scents that will work with your summer wedding theme, as well as last for the rest of summer so you can wear a bit of your wedding every single day.

These bridal accessories for summer brides are a lovely choice for any bride-to-be, and our jewelry selection offers a variety of pearls, floral, and summer themed options for the bride and bridal party.