For any bride, there is no denying that getting down the aisle is a stress inducing part of the journey. This is why bridal parties exist! A bridal party is made up of the closest women in her life sharing in her journey to matrimony. Have you ever wondered what are the bridal party roles? If you are part of the bridal patty, but are unsure of your duties, here is a quick refresher to help you.

Maid of Honor

Often considered the top rung of the ladder in bridal party roles, this spot should be filled by a close friend or even a sister because it is so special. The Maid of Honor (or Matron of Honor) has many duties leading up to the wedding and on the big day. This important role in the bridal party has responsibilities as varied as the bride needs, but a few common ones include items such as keeping the bridesmaids organized and in the know, planning a bridal shower for the bride, help with wedding planning for everything from picking out the perfect dress to picking up invitations, and other similar tasks. On the day of the wedding, the Maid of Honor still has many duties such as helping the bride get ready, keeping her calm, and giving a toast at the reception.


While the Maid of Honor gets most of the duties, the bridesmaids are still important in their bridal party roles. The bridesmaids share many of the same responsibilities as the Maid of Honor such as helping plan for the wedding, picking out the dress, planning a bachelorette party, telling friends where the couple is registered or helping with picking out gifts, and helping to keep the bride calm on the big day. If the Maid of Honor is the main organizer and go-to, the bridesmaids are the Maid of Honor’s support team in helping the bride. The main goal of a bridesmaid is to be helpful and make this special day as easy and stress-free on the bride as possible.

Mother of the Bride

The Mother of the Bride role is a special one for any woman. The duties of this role will depend on how involved your daughter wants you to be in the process. Most mothers do many of the traditional bridesmaid’s activities such as dress shopping and helping to plan, but usually skip activities such as the bachelorette party. If you are the mother of a bride, it is best to discuss how involved she wants you to be and how you can be helpful leading up the event.

Flower Girl

A flower girl is usually a young girl close to the family who helps to make the day special by signaling the beginning of the processional with flowers being thrown along the walkway. This role can be filled by any special little one in your life and her responsibilities are the easiest of the bridal party. She simply has to know where to walk as directed and how to throw the flowers!