There are certain memories of getting married that a bride will remember for the rest of her life. Her bridal party should definitely be one of those cherished memories. When planning the perfect get together for the special bride to be, there are a few modern bridal shower trends you need to know.

Smaller Events

While the bridal shower may be a chance for a somewhat extravagant affair with everyone from your cousin to your long-lost middle school friends expecting an invite, the trend in this area has is shifting. One of the more surprising bridal shower trends is a smaller guest list. More and more brides are opting to keep the guest list limited to close friends and select family members rather than go all out to invite everyone and the neighbors. This allows for an intimate gathering where memories can be made rather than the bride tirelessly making the rounds to spend a few minutes with each guest.

Themed and Coed Showers

The days of extravagant bridal showers may be coming to an end. A popular trend for the modern bride is a themed bridal shower. From bowling to baking, there are lots of themes to fit her personality. A bridal shower doesn’t have to be boring or stuffy. The theme should be something fun and unique to the bride or their relationship. For instance, you could theme the party to feature the place where the happy couple first met or a create a theme around a shared passion they enjoy. A themed shower can be anything so let your imagination do the work!

Another new trend is to have coed bridal showers. This isn’t to say the groom should be present but the notion of excluding the bride’s male friends or brothers from the party has become less strict over the years. In fact, many brides are choosing to have their close male friends or brother serve as part of the wedding party, so it makes sense to change this up with a laid-back, coed bridal shower party.

Shift of Focus

Whether you have a themed event or a non-themed one, there is also a shift in focus worth noting. While a few tasteful games may still be the norm at most showers, more and more brides are opting out of game time or reducing the games. The days of cheesy games more appropriate for a baby shower are gone in place of options like trivia about the happy couple or even a sweet slideshow of their love story instead of any games at all. The shift in focus to creating a relaxing yet fun atmosphere sans games is the modern trend for this type of affair.