Bridal Set Pieces

Bridal sets are a great option for your jewelry needs for your big day. Many times, this is an easier option for brides, as the pieces are all made to match, eliminating the need for the bride to go around and find pieces that all match together. This also eliminates any issue of not matching the metals together, which can damage the overall look of the bride.

Depending on the style you are looking for, there are different pieces in a bridal set, so you can choose the best set option for your tastes and for your dress.

Different Pieces in a Bridal Set:

  • Necklace and earrings. This is one of the most common types of bridal sets available. The matching necklace and earrings go perfectly together and can come in so many styles from pearls to jewels.
  • Bracelet and earrings. This is another common set to find, especially if the bride has an embellished dress near the neckline and doesn't want to detract from that and instead only needs a bracelet and some matching earrings.
  • Necklace, earrings, and bracelet. Some bridal sets have all three pieces that you'll need for your look, so you can easily get it all in one shopping trip and know that everything will match perfectly with each other.
  • Bracelet and necklace. If you choose to go without earrings, maybe your hairstyle makes them unnecessary or you just prefer not to wear earrings, then a bracelet and necklace set is the perfect choice for you. It allows you that matching set, without having to buy any pieces you won't use.

These bridal sets come in a variety of styles from pearls to floral shaped jewels. Depending on what you are searching for, you're sure to find the perfect set, whether you want something that sparkles and shines or something that is a more colorful choice.