From the groomsmen’s suits to the flowers, burgundy wedding trends are popping up in winter weddings all over. Burgundy is an elegant color that exudes warmth and beauty. Pair with pastel and neutral colors for a beautiful wedding that will keep everyone talking.

Some of the hottest burgundy wedding trends of the season:

Burgundy suit jackets

That’s right, the grooms get in on the action with these wedding trends. Ditch the traditional black, and don the primary color of your wedding.

Burgundy flowers on natural cakes

Natural cakes are all the rage, offering less frosting, and instead focusing on natural elements, fresh flowers, and berries. Add a pop of your wedding’s colors to this cake with beautiful burgundy flowers elegantly set around on the cake and dispersed in the layers.

Freshly picked flowers

Gone are the days of perfectly polished bouquets, and freshly picked wildflower bouquets are still in the lead, and rather than blooms, go with a pop of color in deep berry colors.

Even foods are getting in on this trend

Rather than just having cake, many couples are hopping on the burgundy wedding trend and offering berry pies as a cake alternative. They’ll match your colors, and taste great!

Velvet fabric

That’s right, think warm and cozy in a deep rich burgundy color for your table runners. It’s elegant, and beautiful, the perfect combination.

These burgundy wedding trends are sure to evoke a feeling of warmth during these cooler wedding ceremonies that are coming up