A tradition as old as time, freezing your wedding cake has been around since wedding cakes were fruitcakes. Imagine that! Now, the freezing process was a little different then, since these fruitcakes were also soaked in grain alcohol, which added more preservatives to keep it good for the next year. The tradition has also shifted in the fact that it was not the first anniversary that was celebrated by eating a piece of the cake, but instead, celebrating the christening of a first child, which was expected within a year of marriage in those times. However, despite the tradition changing, the question of can wedding cake be frozen still persists. Luckily, there is a simple answer, even all these years later.

Can Wedding Cake Be Frozen?

The short answer is yes, but there are some drawbacks to participating in this tradition. While the cake can be frozen, and it generally won't cause any issues for you stomach-wise, you do want to make sure that you freeze it properly and keep it frozen for a year. For instance, if you plan on moving cross-country between the wedding and your first anniversary, there's not really a point, because it won't still be good by the time you get it to its destination. However, if you plan on staying put, you'll want to make sure the cake has anything inedible removed, and that it is wrapped in plastic wrap, then wrapped in aluminum, and then placed in a container, which is then placed in the fridge immediately after the cake cutting ceremony, and then placed in the freezer.

The second issue comes with the taste. Your wedding cake will likely survive the freeze and still be edible, but it probably won't taste nearly as good as it did on your wedding day. Some factors tie in to this, if you have fresh fruit on or in your cake, it will likely not taste very good in a year. Chocolate cakes seem to retain their taste longer than vanilla, even if they are frozen properly.

Luckily, if you're still iffy on the answer to can wedding cake be frozen, there is another solution to enjoy your wedding cake a year later. Many bakeries will be able to make a miniature version of your wedding cake for a much smaller fee, that way you can enjoy fresh wedding cake on your first anniversary, without having to worry about the taste.