While you may know that you have to have a tasting for the food and cake served at your wedding, you may not have thought to have a champagne tasting. Depending on what is being served, and what flavor your cake is, may affect the type of champagne that you wish to have served at your wedding. Champagne can vary from dry to semi-dry to very sweet, dessert-style options. However, with our champagne tasting tips, you'll be ready in no time to make this tough decision on which ones get to be in your big day.

While this is technically wedding preparation, you and your soon-to-be groom can relax and really enjoy this process, much like you enjoyed tasting all those different cakes. With our champagne tasting tips, sit back and relax, and enjoy the flavors offered.

Make sure the cork doesn't pop

I know, that one's a bit odd, but a cork that pops immediately upon being touched can be a sign that it's too warm for drinking, and you want your champagne at a cooler temperature for enjoyment.

Check the cork after it's opened

You want the end that was inside the bottle to be slightly moist, if it's not, the champagne is not stored properly, and could possibly lose the seal, so you may want to eliminate that brand or caterer from your list.

Look at the champagne for clarity, color, and bubbles

Younger Bruts are light-bodied and will be more transparent, whereas older champagnes will be more dense. Depending on the type of champagne, the color may differ, so know if you are looking at a rosé champagne or just a Brut. Finally, look for small bubbles. The finer the champagne, the smaller the bubbles that will go up to the rim of your glass.

Give your glass a sniff

If it's a very strong smell, you can go ahead and assume the taste will be rather strong, whereas if it's delicate notes that you're picking up on, it will offer a delicate taste as well.

From there, determine the different notes

Is it slightly fruity or more of a floral? Depending on what you are having for dessert, may make a difference as far as what kind of taste you want your champagne to have.

Take a light sip to test the taste

Notice if it's acidic, notice the finish, and notice if it's a lighter or heavier one.

Choose your favorite. Try a couple different bottles, that way you know exactly which one you and your spouse prefer for the toast. These champagne tasting tips will help you to choose the best option for your big day.