Colors To Wear To A Fall Wedding

One of the most popular wedding seasons is about to begin, which means you probably already have your save-the-dates and invitations on the fridge. This also means you're going to need to know the colors to wear to a fall wedding, so you can plan your outfits accordingly. After all, you can't wear the same thing to each wedding, so it's important to know what's in for this season and what needs to stay in your closet until spring.

When you think about colors to wear to a fall wedding, you'll want to think dark florals, pretty burgundy, maybe even some deep greens. Really, anything that's a muted, darker color. Your bright and colorful florals will want to stay put away until spring and summer. Now it's a time for your darker colors to get a chance to shine.

  • Yellow. This may be the exception to the darker colors, but only because it is still a traditional fall color. Go with a darker yellow that leans more toward gold or mustard if you're going to go with this look.
  • Burgundy. Whether you go plain or a pretty pattern, you can't go wrong with this color for a fall wedding. It's perfect for the seasons, and looks beautiful in short or long sleeves.
  • Blue. From a stunning royal blue to a more muted navy, there is a blue for anyone who wants to rock this color to a fall wedding.
  • Brown. In keeping with the theme of muted, fall colors, brown is a must-have for the fall season. You can choose a beautiful velvet number or a satiny option with polka dots to brighten it up.
  • Green. A dark hunter green is a wonderful choice for a fall or even winter wedding. It's a beautiful color that looks great on many skin tones, making this a great option for just about anyone.
  • Plum. This deep purple is the perfect choice for a fall wedding. You will still have a pop of color to your outfit, but won't stand out from the crowd.

These colors to wear to a fall wedding are all wonderful options for you to check your wardrobe for, and if necessary, go shopping to complete it.