If you’ve chosen your bridal look and have come to the decision that you want dramatic and classic, then we have some tips for you. Creating old Hollywood glam for your wedding is a great choice, and can easily be done, as long as you know what look you need to go for.

1. Choose a great red lipstick

Nothing says old Hollywood glam like red lipstick. Choose a lipstick and lip liner that is a good color shade for you, there are more reds out there than you would think, as well as one that is long lasting. Generally, the older glam look was more matte than shiny, but you can add a modern twist, depending on what you are looking for.

2. Get those glam waves

One of the key things of old Hollywood glam are those perfect waves. They are iconic, and surprisingly easy to get. They aren’t called pin curls for nothing, so make sure you have the proper tools, including pin curl clips to help get that iconic look. Once you have it, finish with a hairspray, to keep your look in place for hours.

3. Create a dramatic eyeliner

This is a necessity to complete your look. Make sure to leave a gap between the top liner and bottom liner, it’ll give you a doe-eyed look, perfect for old Hollywood glamour.

With these tips, you’ll have no trouble creating old Hollywood glam for your wedding, even if you’re going the DIY route and doing your makeup yourself. Once you have the essentials, the rest is up to you.