Weddings can be as varied as the bride and groom want. Your wedding can take place on a carousel or in the middle of Central Park. For some though, they prefer the traditional wedding, that takes place in a church. However, decorating a church can be a bit more restrictive than decorating a park, and the theme may not be as obvious in the wedding but will be more obvious at the reception. However, that doesn’t mean that décor ideas for church weddings have to be dated or boring. We’ve put together a list of décor ideas for church weddings that are fun, and classic.

In some cases, the couple will want to keep decorations to a minimum, and instead focus on the design of the church and what was there already, and in others, you’ll want to add your special touch to the wedding, and decorate around the church and work the existing pieces into your overall theme and idea. We have décor ideas for church weddings for both types of couples. Before you start planning, make sure that the church allows decorations, and find out if there is anything they do not allow. For example, they may not allow anything up on the stage where the priest or pastor is standing. Make sure you are aware of any limitations before ordering any decorations.

Decorate the pews

In many cases, the pews along the aisles can be decorated. Those can be as simple as ribbons on the ends tied into bows, to separate flower arrangements on each pew. You could also use a beautiful and natural garland to go across each pew.

Decorate the aisle

For some brides, they’ve always dreamt of having an ornate rug with their and their groom’s initials emblazoned on it, in their wedding colors. For others, they want to walk across an intricate design of flowers on the floor.

Decorate the stage

Again, this may depend on the church, but some will allow you to put a stunning backdrop on the stage, one that the leader of the church will stand under to marry the couple. Others will allow you to put flowers or plants on the sides of the stage, to add a touch of floral to the background.

Use floral archways

These can be placed in a variety of places, including at the end and the beginning of the aisle. You can even put one in the doorway, so everyone gets to go under it on the way in and out of the wedding.

Decorate the stairs. The railings on the stairs are a perfect place to put some decorations. Whether you want a garland wrapping around, ribbons or material draped gracefully or a floral decoration, the choice is yours, but it’s a stunning way to add some pops of color to the church.