After a proposal, friends and family will want to celebrate with the happy couple and the beginning of this new chapter of their lives as fiancé. While there is plenty of wedding planning to do, make sure to set aside some time to enjoy the engagement party that is being thrown in your honor. One concern that many future brides have is concerning the jewelry they wear to their engagement party. Obviously, the most important piece is the engagement ring, but we have shared some of the best engagement party jewelry tips to help you complete your engagement look.

Engagement party jewelry tips focus solely around that engagement ring and making sure that the ring is never overpowered.

  • Don't wear any other rings. It can be tempting to wear a cocktail ring or a right-hand ring, but for this particular party, keep your hands simple, and stick to just the engagement ring. This is the ring that all of your friends and family have gathered to see, and it should be the star of the show, just like the happy couple.
  • Match the rest of your jewelry to your engagement ring. If you were given a blue topaz gemstone as your engagement ring, make sure to wear blue topaz earrings or a necklace to complement it at your engagement party. If you were given a diamond in a silver setting, make sure your other jewelry is in a silver setting as well.
  • Coordinate themes. Some engagement rings are a floral or vintage theme, so make sure if that is the case, that the rest of your jewelry matches or complements it. You don't want to wear a vintage engagement ring with a floral necklace, it will clash with your look, and while it will make your engagement ring stand out, it won't be in the best way.
  • Go simple. Let the new engagement ring be the star of the show, and instead focus on minimalist jewelry. Some small stud earrings are a great addition, and a simple necklace, nothing that makes too much of a statement, let the ring be the main jewelry for the party.


We have no doubt that you will look stunning at your engagement party, especially if you follow the engagement party jewelry tips.