One of a bride's first thoughts are not usually figuring out what type of insurance when she first says yes. Instead, she is focused on sharing the big news with friends and family, and enjoying the new feel of that ring on her finger. However, things do happen, and it's important to ensure that engagement ring insurance is a part of the wedding planning. Between accidents that could happen, as well as robbery or damage or just losing it, there are ways to get financial protection that will help lessen the blow of losing such an important piece of your engagement.

Engagement ring insurance can be used in a variety of ways, whether it was left behind at the gym or accidentally dropped down the sink. Losing your ring may be heartbreaking, but just like any other form of insurance, it is good to have in case the worst happens.

One of the first things done, after purchasing the ring, should be purchasing some insurance. Most jewelers offer this during the checkout process. There are other ways to insure your engagement ring, including homeowners' insurance, which will offer an extension on it, or you can take out a policy specifically through a jewelry insurance company.

Make sure to thoroughly do your research before purchasing, and make sure what happens under the policy's terms, and determine which coverage is best. Some may require your ring to be replaced through a specific jewelry, while others may allow you to go anywhere for a replacement ring. You'll also need to know how to prove the ring is gone if a claim is made, if there are any instances where it is not covered, such as dropping it down the sink, as well as if you are covered for damages that occur to it. There are several factors that need to be considered before choosing engagement ring insurance.

As you get closer to the wedding, you may find that you want to insure more than just the engagement ring, so make sure you get the wedding bands appraised and under the policy as soon as possible. You also may want to evaluate all of your insurance policies, as you step into this new chapter together.