Fall Hairstyles For Brides

Fall weddings have a special feeling as the leaves turn and the weather cools down. For many, it's their favorite part of the year. If you're planning a fall wedding and trying to decide how you'd like your hair to be done, there are many different hairstyles that will go with your wedding theme and the season. Here are a few of our favorites to inspire your wedding day updo.

Braided Ponytails

Love the idea of braids for the wedding? A braid is perfect for fall weddings, especially when styled with curls. Some brides love the idea of adding flowers, shimmery pins, or even greenery in their braids. A ponytail will give you some volume and help keep your hair out of your face during the wedding.

Half Updos

These types of hairstyles are very popular for brides. Half updos feature braids or twists around the head, often accompanied by florals or hair pieces. These are absolutely stunning in photos and really capture the essence of the fall season. Because your hair is mostly down with these hairstyles, it may not last all throughout the night without maintenance.

Messy Updos

While messy updos are commonly seen year-round, they're especially wonderful during the fall wedding season. There are many ways you can go about a messy updo. It can be twisted, curled, left wavy, or braided. For brides with long hair, side and low hairstyles will be best. Brides with shorter hair can go for a higher updo. Incorporate the colors of your wedding in a floral headpiece and leave wisps of hair out of the updo for that iconic messy look that makes these hairstyles so magical in photos.

Polished Updos

Would you rather have an updo that keeps it more polished? These are essentially like the messy updos, but don't leave any wisps out hair out of the braids or twists. If your fall wedding is more on the classic side rather than bohemian, this is a great option. You can accessorize your hair with a simplistic headpiece or a few flowers to give it an extra bit of style. Best of all, since they're more structured, they're more likely to last through your reception. Whether you choose to braid, twist, or have a mix of both, these sleek updos are timeless and will look beautiful in photos.

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