Every person who is in your wedding party plays an important role in your big day, whether that’s the maid of honor all the way to the flower girl. After all, who else is going to prepare the aisle for your arrival with beautiful flower petals scattered about? We have a variety of suggestions for flower girl gifts to spoil that special little girl who is taking part in your big day.

When shopping for flower girl gifts, keep in mind the age of your participant. You will want to target your gifts toward a younger child, so when in doubt, consult her parents to confirm if this is an appropriate gift to give her.

Children’s books

Flower girl gifts don’t need to be wedding themed, thanks to her age, so you have a little more flexibility. Children’s books are a wonderful gift to help encourage her love of reading. She may even break a book out at the reception!

A cute necklace

This one is very age-dependent, if she’s a little older, this is a great option, however, if she is only 2 or 3, this could be a choking hazard, and you’ll want to consult with the parents first.


Every kid has a sweet tooth and enjoys candy, so fill up a basket, perhaps the one she’ll be using on your big day, with some of her favorite sweets and treats.

A doll

Most girls love to play with dolls, and you can choose one in a beautiful dress or one who has the same career that she wants, such as veterinarian or teacher.

Ballet flats

If your little flower girl dreams of taking the stage as a ballerina, encourage that dream with a pair of ballet slipper shoes. They’ll be comfortable to wear at the wedding, and you can choose a fun complementary color for her to wear.

A custom robe

All of your bridesmaids and yourself have a custom robe, don’t leave her out! Choose a satin or cotton option that features the words “flower girl” on the back. It’s a great photo opportunity and keeps her involved in the getting ready stage of the wedding.

A custom shirt

Give her a memento she can keep for years to come with a cute shirt or tank top that features the words “flower girl.” These products come in so many styles and varieties, you can find one for a girl who loves pink and sparkles or someone who prefers to keep things simple.

Finding flower girl gifts doesn’t have to be difficult, just try to give her something that she’ll use or enjoy, since she is giving up part of her day to be a part of your big day.