How To Accessorize As The Best Woman

Traditions are changing right and left even in the bridal world, and one of those changes is that there are more and more "Best Women" taking the stage rather than a "Best Man." This makes sense, many men and women have friends of the opposite sex, and in some cases, that friendship is so close that a man may choose his female best friend as his Best Woman rather than choosing a male friend he is not as close with. This is a wonderful way to ensure that your closest friend is involved in all aspects of the wedding, even if it's not the most traditional option. However, with this new idea comes new questions that the women may be faced with, such as how to accessorize as the best woman. Luckily, we have you covered.

How to accessorize as the best woman is truly no different than accessorizing as a bridesmaid or maid of honor. The best woman will likely wear a dress that is similar to that of the bridesmaids, but likely a different color to make her stand out. She may also be asked to wear more of a suit to better match the rest of the groomsmen. No matter, she can easily add accessories that tie in perfectly with the wedding theme. Whether wearing a dress or a suit, a tasteful pair of earrings are a definite must for any best woman. Depending on the outfit, if she is wearing a dress, then a necklace would likely be suitable, the style of it depending on the cut of her dress. If she has been asked to wear a suit, she will likely need to forego a necklace and instead may wish to accessorize a bit more with her hair. Depending on the theme, a flower crown may be a great addition to help give her a more floral appearance, especially since she may not want a boutonniere pinned on her jacket. This can also give her more color, especially if the groomsmen are wearing colored vests. To help her fit in, try to match shoes with the other bridesmaids, that way everyone ties in nicely without fully matching.

Any of these ideas will help a best woman to accessorize and look her best while she is supporting her friend on the biggest day of his life.