With how much society has changed over the years, it's no surprise that the tradition around proposals has changed as well. In fact, for the authoritative woman who likes to take things into her own hands, proposing to your boyfriend may be the best track for you. While it is still not as popular as a traditional proposal, more women are getting down on one knee first. However, since there are not as many rules when it comes to how to propose to him, we've put together some tips to help make this process a little easier.

If you're wondering how to propose to him, we've got a few suggestions to help make this task a little easier. Usually, it's the men putting themselves out there with a proposal, which means the rules are a little looser when it comes to proposing to your boyfriend. Luckily, these suggestions are tried and true.

  • Give him his dream proposal. Most women have been planning their wedding, and possibly how they'll be proposed to, since they were kids, but if you're changing things up and proposing to him, then you'll need to think of what he will like. If he's super into sports, a sports-themed proposal may be the best idea. If he's more quiet, proposing in front of all of his buddies is probably not the best plan.
  • Plan something meaningful. While a proposal on any day of the week can be nice, it'll mean more if it's a day that means something to the two of you as a couple.
  • Only ask if you know you both are ready. Don't ask out of wondering where you two stand, and you want to find out if he's ready. Only ask if you know that the both of you are ready to take this next step in life together.
  • Propose with jewelry for him and for yourself. You can't expect him to buy you a ring when you are proposing to him, so make sure you've taken care of that yourself. Since tradition is already being dodged, why not go for matching watches or simple bands for the both of you.
  • Keep it simple. He may have something planned himself, and you don't want to steal his thunder, so keep it simple, and focused on the two of you. After all, you two are the most important parts of it.

Figuring out how to propose to him can be tricky, but once you get the logistics figured out, it's just a matter of popping the question.