Jewelry Repair Tips

Our jewelry is extremely precious to most of us. In some cases, it's sentimental in that it was a hand-me-down piece from a family member that we treasure and wear daily. In others, it's a beautiful piece that we gave to ourselves for getting the big promotion or moving to a new city. No matter why you wear your jewelry or where you got it from, you want to protect it and feel devastation when a piece breaks. Luckily, there are some emergency jewelry repair tips that can help salvage a piece that was otherwise broken.

There are some quick emergency jewelry repair tips that can help you on your big day from dealing with disaster. Check them out!

  • Loose bracelet or necklace links. Sometimes, the clasp works fine, but the other piece of the chain, the link, may have a widened prong that causes the bracelet or necklace to slip off your neck or arm. Rather than say goodbye to your jewelry piece, you can easily fix it to where you can wear it the same day. Use a pair of pliers to gently squeeze the piece of jewelry together again, eliminating the widened space that caused it to slip.
  • Chipped jewelry. Nothing looks worse than having a small chip in your jewelry, especially if it features a bright color that is meant to stand out. Luckily, if it's made from enamel, you can easily do so with nail polish. Just match up the color, add a small dab to it, and let it dry for a few minutes. It'll give it the same sheen and no one will notice. The best part about this repair is that when you're done wearing it and are ready to get it fixed properly, just take some nail polish remover to remove the paint, and then a professional jeweler can fix it properly.
  • A broken clasp. This can be a simple fix with a pair of pliers and an extra clasp. Have someone run out and get a similarly colored clasp, and using two pliers, pull apart the jump ring to remove the clasp. Slip the new clasp on, then use the pliers to close it back up and you have a necklace that is good as new.