A proposal is a beautiful way to celebrate the love between a couple, and marks the first day in a new chapter in their love story. Proposals happen in many different ways, and it's really up to the person doing the proposal on how best to do so. However, while these moments can be beautiful, there are also marriage proposal mistakes that can affect the memory of the day, and can even affect the answer that is given. Even if you are planning on keeping this proposal very casual, you'll still want to plan to avoid marriage proposal mistakes.

Marriage Proposal Mistakes

  • Not rehearsing. We know that you love your fiancé-to-be, otherwise you wouldn't be proposing. However, this is a big moment, and if you just wing it and hope for the best, the results could be disastrous. Rehearse how you're going to do it, what you're going to say, and when and where you are going to propose. Going through a rehearsal can help to ensure you iron out any kinks, and find any issues before they crop up in the middle of your proposal.
  • Not knowing your significant other's preference. We know you know all about her, but make sure that if she loves romantic gestures, you give her one with the proposal. A woman who adores rom coms isn't going to want to be proposed to just on a random day at your apartment just the two of you without some special sentiment. The same thing goes for someone who is shy. A flash mob proposal that draws a lot of attention or something broadcast on tv may not be the best choice, as she could be very uncomfortable.
  • Proposing without a ring. We definitely recommend discussing marriage and ensuring that the two of you are on the same page before proposing, but we also recommend having a ring when the big moment comes. Proposing last-minute and empty-handed could give the impression that you hadn't quite thought this through, which is a bad sign for such a large commitment.
  • Proposing too early. We know, sometimes you meet someone, and you just know. But keep in mind, a lot of people can get freaked out about a life changing commitment like that, so make sure you both are ready, and have gone through some ups and downs. Life isn't always roses, and if you haven't weathered some storms, a proposal may not get the answer you want.
  • Sharing your plans. While you may want advice, and you may want to ask for her parent's blessing, you definitely don't want to be sharing your big plans with everyone. More likely than not, if you are planning a surprise, it won't be a surprise by the time the big day comes. Friends and family get very excited about things like that, and sometimes, they inadvertently slip up, and the information gets back to the future fiancé.
  • Not waiting for the right moment. We know how difficult it can be to keep a secret like that, but you want to ensure that this is a story you can be proud of. Because she will be telling it to friends, family, and maybe even future kids for years to come. Make sure you ask at an appropriate moment, one where both of you can remember every detail, and one that isn't rushed. This is a big step, don't be afraid to take your time with it.

The most important thing to remember is to think about your future fiancé. Consider how she would want you to propose, and what her personality is. If she's adventurous, choose something like that. If she's romantic, reliving your first date could be a memorable way to propose. Just make sure however you do it, it's a beautiful moment for the both of you.