Matching Jewelry To A Corsage

While a teenage boy may pretend to not know what a corsage is, it's actually fairly common to see them in use for Homecoming dances, prom, and yes, weddings. However, in the case of a wedding, a corsage is not meant for the groom to give to the bride, but instead, for the bride and groom to give to the mothers in attendance. Depending on your wedding theme, you may choose to give two different corsage colors or you may choose to give them both the same to symbolize the union of two families becoming one. You also may wonder how best to match jewelry to a corsage.

Matching jewelry to a corsage is actually pretty simple and can be done in a couple of different ways. The first thing is to decide if the mother of the groom is going to match the mother of the bride with their corsages. If they are going to match, then matching jewelry to it is even easier. If they are going to have different colors, that could make it a little more complicated, but still easily doable.

For the moms that match:

It's a simple task if the moms are going to be given the same corsage. You'll likely want to give them a heads up of what color that way they can get a dress that matches, as well as start choosing their jewelry. If you really want to ensure that everything looks perfect together, we suggest choosing their jewelry to give to them with the corsage. Because of the corsage, they won't really need a bracelet, so they'll just need a necklace and earrings to match, which makes it much easier to shop for them both and choose a matching set so they completely match each other, jewelry-wise. Their dresses may still be completely different colors, and that's ok, mothers aren't supposed to match each other perfectly.

For the moms who don't match:

Don't panic, this is going to be a little more complicated, but is still the same concept. Make sure the corsages complement one another color-wise. Then, it's a matter of choosing jewelry. Because their corsages won't match, it is likely their dresses will be different colors and styles, and you may have to match the jewelry individually to the corsage rather than choose matching styles for both of them.

A few things when matching jewelry to a corsage:

  • If silver is used in the corsage, use silver jewelry rather than gold.
  • When choosing a cream or white flower for the corsage, jewelry can stand out a bit more to play off the bright white.
  • If choosing a colorful corsage, go with more simple jewelry and let the corsage stand out.