Every piece of your bridal attire needs to work together to create your flawless bridal look. Most brides know to find jewelry that perfectly accents the wedding gown, but many don’t consider matching their bridal jewelry to the bouquet. That is yet another way that the bridal look can be perfected to ensure that nothing looks out of place.


Matching your bridal jewelry to your bouquet includes ensuring that your jewelry colors do not clash with your bouquet colors. Of course, everything should have a color scheme and theme to help keep you on track. Depending on how many colors are in your theme, you may want to add a complementary color in your bridal jewelry, or you may want to stick with the colors already in the theme. Just make sure you stay within the season. So if you are planning a fall wedding, and you have dark purples in your bouquet, it would look best to go with darker bridal jewelry as well.

Style and Theme

Style of bouquet may sound a little weird, but there are more than just the traditional flower bouquets out there. If you have chosen to go with a vintage brooch bouquet, you want to ensure that your jewelry also offers the same vintage theme, otherwise, it may look a little off to have modern jewelry with a vintage bouquet. Same thing with any embellishments that are attached to the bouquet. If you wrap it in lace or burlap and are going with a more rustic theme, go with simple jewelry, otherwise, either of the pieces may stand out and not quite seem to fit in with the rest of the wedding’s theme.

Matching your bridal jewelry to your bouquet doesn’t have to be scary, just be prepared and have your theme ready in your mind. That’ll help you with finalizing your decisions.