If you’re looking to change things up a bit for your wedding, your nails are a perfect place to start. Obviously, your hands are going to be the center of attention for a bit when you’re getting your new wedding band, so you’ll want to make sure your nails are ready for the spotlight. Traditionally, brides go with a classic French manicure, but if you think that’s so yesterday, we have you covered with our nail ideas for nontraditional brides.

We’ve pulled together some of the best nail ideas for nontraditional brides:

Painted lace

That’s right, take swatches of lace, place it over your nail, and paint over it. It’ll leave a beautiful design on your nail that is subdued, but definitely not classic.

Something blue

Many nontraditional brides paint their nails blue, that way they no longer have to find that something blue for their outfit.

Your wedding colors

Paint your nails to match the primary wedding color. A deep burgundy will look stunning during fall and winter ceremonies, and a light peach will be just perfect for that beach wedding you have in June.

Glitter mani

For the bride who likes to stand out, let your nails sparkle as brightly as you do. Add some glitter or stones to your nails for a look that is sure to get people talking.


To really step away from tradition, have some mini jewels or flowers glued to your nails. They’ll add texture and depth to your hands, and can fit in with a floral theme.


Add some of that karat love to your manicure with slim gold stripes and a gold glitter accent nail.


Even if you’re not getting married on Valentine’s Day, this is the perfect day to add some beautiful hearts to your nails to celebrate your love.

A ring nail

That’s right, put a small stone in the center of your index nail, and have a slim band drawn from either side. Keep the rest of your nails with clear polish to really make it stand out.


For an added touch, have your technician write “I do” in cursive on your left ring fingernail. It’ll really add a special something to your vows.

Henna designs

For an Indian wedding, or just because, have henna designs on your nails for an extra touch.

No matter which nail ideas for nontraditional brides you choose for your big day, we’re sure that you will look stunning.