While weddings were once an event where the traditions were time honored and passed on from one generation to the next, many modern couples are doing their part to break the mold. Here are a few of the most popular nontraditional wedding trends on the rise.

Colorful dresses

While the iconic white dress has been the bridal look for a few centuries, more and more brides are choosing to shake things up in this area. One of the most popular choices is to wear light pink or blush for a feminine appeal that breaks away from tradition, but other brides are choosing to go even bolder with red, purple, or blue. This is a trendy way to break away from tradition while honoring your unique personality as a bride.

Trash the Dress

Another nontraditional wedding element is what is called trash the dress. This is a popular thing brides do after the wedding where they trash the dress to create a one of a kind photo opportunity. Brides have used this nontraditional trend to capture everything from dresses going up in flames to newlyweds swimming in the ocean together in their wedding attire and other beautiful shots to capture this special time in life. Since the tradition of passing your dress down to your daughter one day has become an obsolete act, more and more brides are using their dress to at least get an edgy or beautiful photo out of it.

Nontraditional Bouquets

While the idea of the bouquet itself hasn’t gone anywhere, a few new traditions in the area have taken hold. For instance, more brides are opting for smaller bouquets rather than the larger ones of the past. Whether a single lily with a few sprigs of baby’s breath or just a few roses, the size of the bouquet has changed with the trends. Another trend with nontraditional bouquets is to have bouquets of a vintage style where the flowers are made from lace and dyed burlap, or even wood, carefully carved, to allow the bride a nontraditional element while also giving her flowers she can keep for a lifetime.