Orange is one of those colors that you wouldn’t generally think of as being a good wedding color, but it has proven time and time again that orange wedding trends are beautiful and are here to stay. Here are a few ways to incorporate this bright color into your special day.

1. Fall weddings

Fall is a beautiful time for a wedding. The leaves are turning colors, the air is crisp, and you can easily host an outdoor reception without your guests getting overheated. If you and your groom love the colors of fall, this can be a great way to incorporate orange into your wedding, without going overboard. Embracing the natural foliage is a beautiful way to stay on board with orange wedding trends. Add complementary colors to complete the theme, and use orange leaves in your tablescape.

2. Halloween weddings

Themed weddings are always a beautiful and fun trend, and Halloween is no exception! Decorate your wedding with jack-o-lanterns scattered throughout, or make sure that orange and black are your color schemes. This is great for the nontraditional couple who isn’t afraid to try something different.

3. Add orange in the bouquet

Just as it is easy to add any other color to your bouquet, a beautiful pop of orange is a wonderful complement to your other colors. Whether it’s in yours or your bridesmaids’, there is always an easy way to slide some orange florals into your bouquet.

4. Jewelry

It’s not always a common jewelry color, but orange wedding trends can easily be incorporated in that way. Whether it’s a brighter orange pearl or a darker color, there are options available to wear this beautiful color either as your pop of color or to have your bridesmaids wear it on the big day.

With so many ways to incorporate orange wedding trends into your big day, you can easily add pops of that color. No matter which shade of orange suits your needs best, go with what works best for you and your groom. Choose ways to incorporate this color that you’ll cherish and enjoy seeing the pictures for years to come.