There are few colors as pretty and feminine as pink. Perfect for creating a lovely wedding day color scheme, this shade has become a new trend on the bridal scene. Here are a few of the biggest pink wedding trends you need to know when planning to use this color on your big day.

Pink and Gold

When looking at using pink, you probably want a color that will add an extra touch of elegance to the mix. Gold is a beautiful way to balance out the somewhat feminine or too youthful shade of pink in a wedding scheme. While pretty in pink is certainly a thing, many brides worry using pink will make the décor theme seem more like a baby shower. When you balance it out with gold, you create an elegant element that makes the pink stand out without being too overbearing.

Pink and White

There are few colors as perfectly matched as pink and white. The two tones are great for when you want to highlight the pink, so the white can act as a balancing anchor color. A great way to make this work for your big day is to opt for more white than pink and then add in your chosen shade of pink in little pops of color. This can be achieved by using mostly white flowers with a few touches of pink flowers for example.

Pink Gemstone Cake

A beautiful way to add a touch of pink without going overboard is a gemstone cake. This is one of the hottest pink wedding trends on the bridal scene today. This type of cake looks like the inside is spilling out with pink stones for an out of this world appeal sure to add an interesting element to the reception.

Ombre Shades of Pink

For the bride looking to use pink in a truly modern way, Ombre shades might be the answer. This is when the colors gradually go from darker shades of pink to lighter shades of pink. This allows you to use as many shades as you want while still transitioning to something sleek like pale pink or white.

Touches of Rose Gold

While you may not think of rose gold as a pink, it is in the pink family. Rose gold is one of the most popular hues for weddings because it is feminine without being too girly and it's also shiny for added glitter to the big day.