While weddings were once a subdued affair full of various shades of white, today's modern brides have a penchant for color in various hues. One of the hottest hues on the scene today is purple. When it comes to the most popular purple wedding trends, there are a few things you should know when planning the big day.

1. Use the right purple

The key to using purple wedding trends in your big day to choose the right shade. The color can range from a very light lavender to a deep shade of purple closer to the reds family. While every variation in the color scope of purple is pretty and has something to offer, you want to choose the shade that is right for your personal preferences and the theme of your big day. Many modern brides are choosing multiple hues and putting them together to create the desired effect. If you are using purple as the main shade, you will want to color compare it to any existing shades into the big day.

2. Mix and match shades

While the general rule for color is to pick one vibrant shade and then use more muted shades to create balance, you can also choose several tones within the same color such as pairing a darker purple with a lavender purple. While you can use two purples in the wedding day décor and theme, make sure you have at least one natural color such as white to balance it out overall.

3. Go for either a subtle or bold touch of color

When choosing purple, you should decide if you want something subtle or something bold. When you want a subtle touch of this hue, stay with lighter purples whereas a bold touch will require a deeper shade of purple. Keep in mind that the lighter the shade is the more you can use it without it being overpowering. A darker shade is better utilized in small bursts to avoid overtaking the rest of the décor elements.

4. Add it to your bouquet

If you have purple in your decor and wedding colors, make sure you add a touch of purple to your bouquet. Too many brides forget that the bouquet should be a mixture of the wedding colors and leave it mostly white or with colors that don’t match. Even if you only add a few flowers of purple to the mix, it is still a nice way to tie the color theme together.

5. Use colored jewelry

Of course, colored jewelry is always a great way to add this shade to the big day! Whether the bride chooses to wear some purple accessories or her girls in the bridal party wear the shade, purple bridal day jewelry is a popular choice for the modern bride.