Spring has sprung! And with that, wedding season has also begun! Spring is one of the most popular times for weddings, which means that there are plenty of beautiful wedding trends to choose from and to model your big day after. We have pulled together some of the spring bridal jewelry trends to help make your planning easier.


When you plan a spring wedding, it would make sense that florals are an important part of the planning. Besides from having them around the reception and of course in the bouquet, a beautiful spring bridal jewelry trend is floral jewelry pieces. They add a beautiful touch to any bride and offer a wide variety of styles. Add a beautiful bold flower with a cocktail ring or add small flowers in a dainty crystal necklace.


Maybe you feel that there are enough flowers in your wedding, but you want to tie into the nature part of your theme. A great way to do that is to use leaf jewelry. Perhaps a beautiful leaf necklace or a cuff bracelet that looks like a leaf.

Simple and Light

Not only are lighter colors implemented throughout for spring weddings, lighter jewelry is also implemented. Generally, because of the theme and dresses worn in a spring wedding, the jewelry is very dainty and delicate, that way it doesn’t take away too much from the dress or the other pieces. Adding a dainty bracelet or a beautiful small pendant is a great way to add just the right touch to your final bridal look.

Going with lighter colors is also a great option. More often than not, the color palettes are lighter, going with more pastels or blush colors, maybe a few pops of bright mint or coral. Spring bridal jewelry trends are a great way to add that splash of color without detracting from the theme. There are so many ways to add color to bridal jewelry, be it colored pearls or colored crystals.