When it comes to finding your perfect bridal look, the smaller details often bring the most wow factor. While the matter of the jewelry you choose to wear on your wedding day is important, the smaller details of your hair accessories matter just as much in the grand scheme of your bridal day look. If you are getting married in the summer, there are a few trends the bride of style needs to know. Here are the top picks for summer wedding hair accessories to make sure you turn heads on your special day.

Side Comb

With the fact that summer is warm weather-wise, many brides choose to keep their hair up or in a side-swept style. This helps keep you cool while also keeping your hair out of your face. When looking for a beautiful hair accessory perfect for this summer look, a side comb gives you control and hold while also adding some extra elegance by way of pearls, beads, or crystals.

Flower Crowns

While we often think of spring weddings as being more floral, summer is still a time when flowers are in bloom and there is a bohemian vibe of enjoying the longer days in nature. With this vibe in mind, more and more brides are choosing to wear flower crowns on their wedding day. When looking for a laid-back nature-inspired look, flower crowns are the obvious choice for the summer bride.

Dainty Flowers

While flower crowns are a beautiful choice, some brides prefer something a little more delicate. With the use of hair clips with flower designs, you can still bring a bit of nature and beauty into your look on the big day. Whether you choose to wear a hair clip with several flowers crafted into the design or simply add one flower to sit behind your ear for a simple touch of beauty, there is no denying that flowers, in general, are a hot summer wedding trend.

Hair Jewels

There is no denying that the summer is the hottest time of the year. Many brides are looking for something simple that won’t feel like an extra weight or make the heat feel worse. An easy way to add some extra beauty to your hair on the big day is with a few simple yet tasteful hair jewels. You can either place these small gems on an updo throughout for a pretty look or you can add a few throughout your loose strands for a touch of sparkle.