While we all think of spring as the official wedding season, summer is a close second. With the warmer weather making it easier than ever for an outdoor celebration, more couples are making summer their wedding season for good reason. Here are a few of the top summer wedding trends you need to know to make your event the most talked about of the season.

Bold Colors

One of the hottest summer wedding trends is the use of bold, bright colors throughout the theme. Many couples are choosing to use the vibrant hues of the season such as pops of red, blue, coral, and yellow. This can add a certain playfulness to the event and make guests feel more at ease as opposed to something with stuffy tones of white and cream. Use bold colors for everything from the flower arrangements to the tablecloths to create a welcoming summer wedding.

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

The trend of mismatched bridesmaid’s dresses is a great way to let your bridal party show off their unique style rather than forcing them to wear the same dress as everyone else in the group. Don’t let the name mismatched fool you. The goal is to let them have different dress styles but preferably in the same color. For example, a popular trend is for all bridesmaids to wear one color and perhaps even the same length in terms of hem, but different designs and details in the dress.

Natural Makeup

There is no denying summer is hot. The last thing a bride wants on her wedding day is to look sweaty or have her makeup anything less than perfect. Many brides with a summer wedding are choosing a more natural look to stay fresh-faced and comfortable on their big day. While some brides are choosing a bare-faced approach, others are choosing just the basics of mascara, a little powder, and a bold lip to keep a fresh face look perfect for summer.

Summery Menus

The menu at a summer wedding also has a few trends you need to know. In the summer, most weddings feature a lighter fare rather than a heavy full course meal. While some trendy weddings are going for the classic BBQ menu, others are sticking to a more traditional wedding menu of grilled chicken and fresh greens to stay with the light summer menu theme. Another food trend for a summer wedding is adding summer desserts, such as ice cream, frozen fruit pops, or even a cotton candy bar, to the reception for an added bit of summery fun.