Choosing the smaller details of the big day can feel overwhelming. From the dress to the décor, there are a lot of details to iron out before you make our way down the aisle. One of the most important matters to consider is the matter of wedding colors. To help you narrow down the choices, here the ten most popular wedding colors.

1. White

There is no denying that white deserves to a mention in ten most popular wedding colors. Aside from the dress, white is commonly used as anchor color against bolder hues to create balance. Another great thing about white is that white can be anything from a clean cotton white to a creme colored white to accommodate a range of preferences within the shade.

2. Pink

A popular choice for the modern bride thanks to the many variations it is available in, as well as the classic femininity it brings, pink can be used for everything from decor to bridesmaid’s dresses. Best of all, there is a shade to match every preference from delicate blush pinks to dusty pinks for a richer hue.

3. Navy

A darker color can add an air of sophistication to a wedding while still providing a nice pop of fresh color. With the use of navy blue in your wedding colors, you have an option which can act as an anchor color for lighter shades while still giving the dramatic appeal of a dark shade.

4. Gold

The use of gold as a wedding color is nothing new. Gold accents have been used in weddings for a while now such as gold chairs, gold jewelry, or gold vases. This color is popular because it can easily add some extra sparkle to the mix for such a special occasion.

5. Rose gold

A more modern take on gold, rose gold is gold in a pink shade. This trend has completely taken over everything from weddings to jewelry. It is a pretty play on gold which still leaves a lot of sparkle. Rose gold is great as an accent color rather than the main anchor color.

6. Burgundy

For those with an affinity for deep shades and all the beauty they bring to the mix, burgundy is a popular wedding color. This rich mix of a deep red and deep purple is a dramatic choice that is popular in fall but can also be used year-round thanks to the beauty of the shade.

7. Coral

Commonly used in beach weddings, coral is a fresh pop of color perfect for this location. It looks beautiful as bridesmaid’s dresses or as flowers set against the blue of the ocean backdrop. This color brings to mind the beautiful colors of the beach in a way that is still wedding friendly and appropriate.

8. Teal

Another beach friendly hue, teal is great for pairing with coral and white for a sandy destination wedding. It is one of the most popular color pallets in fact. Teal can also be used with less beachy wedding themes for a pretty pop of blue that is still feminine and light.

9. Lilac

Another popular color is lilac. This is a beautiful choice for a springtime feel and offers a shade of purple that is light and feminine. Lilac is a lovely choice when paired with either lighter or darker colors which makes it truly versatile.

10. Plum

A shade of purple much darker than lilac, plum is a rich hue that works as either an anchor color or a fresh pop of color for a dramatic appeal. Commonly used in fall for autumn weddings, it is a popular choice for the bride looking for a modern take on purple without going too light.