When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. From the larger elements of the dress and venue to the smaller details of the accessories and napkins, a wedding is a pretty big endeavor. To help you nail down all the details both big and small, here are the ten most popular wedding trends!

1. Bold color

The days of subdued white and crème weddings are over. The modern bride has a penchant for bold hues which make her special day truly stand out. From deep shades of navy or burgundy to gentle tones of rose blush or lilac, the possibilities are endless for colors. The trend of color has become so ingrained in the wedding landscape that nearly all brides use at least one bold hue in the mix.

2. Colorful jewelry

Since color is big in weddings, the accessories are no exception. While the bridal party wearing colorful gems or colored pearls is nothing new, more and more brides are also getting in on the colorful action with their bridal day looks. From elegant crystals in shades of red to pearls colored in a blush pink, the possibilities are endless with this trend.

3. Destination weddings

This is a trend that has been steady for years now and shows no sign of slowing down. A destination wedding can be anything from a wedding in Disneyland to a wedding in France. With a destination wedding, you get a wedding and pre-honeymoon vacation all in one!

4. Rustic barn weddings

For the bride seeking a rustic charm, the barn wedding trend has really taken hold over the years. There is a certain charm in a rustic wedding that makes it appealing to many couples. From the barn to the beauty of the scenery surrounding the barn, this downhome wedding can be as laid back or as elegant as the happy couple wants all in a trendy location.

5. Nontraditional bridal party

While there is no denying that the bridal party is an important part of the wedding festivities, the roles are changing with the modern age. From brides having male best friends in their bridal party to grooms having their sister as the best man, the rules on this matter have changed with the times.

6. Lawn games

Another popular trend in weddings is to add something fun and laid back to the reception. Lawn games such as lawn bingo, cornhole, Connect 4, and even burlap sack races, are a great way to cut the stuffiness of the affair and get people to have fun. A great way to do make this trend work for your day is to customize it as much as possible with items such as bean bags in the colors of your wedding scheme or a personalized game with the couple’s initials on the pieces.

7. Flower crowns

Another popular trend for weddings is the use of flower crowns in place of traditional veils. A flower crown is a beautiful way to embrace your wild child or bohemian side while looking wedding day trendy. Flower crowns can be as simple as a few strands of flowers or as intricate as several different types of flowers all artfully arranged. This is also a great way to work in the colors of the wedding theme in a subtle yet pleasing way.

8. Metallic manicures

A popular trend for nails on the big day is the metallic look. While you don’t want something space age or too out there style wise, a nice pink metallic is a beautiful way to have something trendy yet classy on the most important day of your life.

9. Colorful wedding dresses

While the bridesmaids have long worn colorful dresses, more and more modern brides are opting to get in on the fun. From vibrant reds to dusty rose, there are many options for wearing a colorful bridal gown. Whether you choose to wear the dress in a color other than white or you are looking to add an elegant sash in your favorite hue tied around your waist for a subtle touch of color, this is one of the most popular trends on the bridal scene today.

10. Laid back menus

More and more couples are choosing a laid-back menu for the wedding reception. While the standard fair of three-course meals is still an option, couples are also choosing to go the more casual route. From a BBQ menu to a pizza bar, the menu can be as casual and fun as you want. Some couples are even changing up dessert. While the cake is still a customary tradition for the festivities, couples are finding fun trends such as donuts, cotton candy, or build our own ice cream sundae bars.