Once the hustle and bustle of your big day has come and gone, and it definitely goes by faster than you think, there are certain things to do after the wedding that you’ll want to check off your list. We’ve compiled some of the most important, to make sure you forget anything.

1. Send thank you notes.

We know, handwriting notes isn’t always fun, but your guests traveled near and far and took time to spend their day with you, so a handwritten note is a wonderful way to thank them for their time and money spent celebrating your new chapter.

2. Return unused wedding items.

Supplies that were never used or pieces that wound up not being included in the décor need to go back to the stores right after the wedding. Make sure to regroup some of your expenses if you can. If they aren’t refundable, donate them to a friend or family member who may use them.

3. Put your décor to good use.

Whether you are going to put some pieces in your new home or you want to donate the flowers to a local hospital or nursing home, make sure that you do that. Fresh flowers should be donated the day of or the day after your wedding, to ensure they still have some life to them, and you can resell certain wedding items or donate them to a friend or someone else who could use them.

4. Change your name.

This may not be the most fun part, but it is so necessary to get all those name changes in. You’ll need to change your name on your license, social security, bills, credit cards, and more, so make sure to gather up all necessary papers, and make a list and go down one by one.

5. Clean your dress.

Whether you are keeping your dress for years to come or donating it to someone else, you want to get it dry cleaned after the wedding. That will get rid of any strange odors it may have picked up, as well as any stains that may have occurred during the big day. The sooner you get that done, the sooner you can preserve it or donate it.