If you've ever dreamed of a beachside wedding, then you're definitely going to need our tips for wearing a wedding gown on the beach. Though many women dream of walking down a sandy aisle, with the sound of the ocean roaring in the background, and the waves gently lapping on the shore, there are considerations about your dress that need to be made to keep it damage free from the beginning of your walk all the way to the end of the reception.

Some of our favorite tips for wearing a wedding gown on the beach include:

  • Lift your dress up while walking. This will help keep you from stepping on it, as well as keep it from getting dragged in the sand or caught on any debris that may be lurking underneath the sand.
  • Avoid wet sand. No one likes wet sand, but this can be especially harmful to your dress. Not only will the sand be stickier on the material, but it can also stain your dress, leaving a permanent reminder that you may not want.
  • Consider a shorter dress. Many brides opt for a knee-length gown for their beachside wedding or they go for an ankle length option without a train, as it is less likely to get damaged.
  • Consider the material. Anything with lace is going to pick up more sand than other materials, so keep this in mind when dress shopping, as well as train shopping. If you want a lace train, a beach may not be the best venue.
  • Walk slowly. You have plenty of time to get down that aisle, and it's important that you don't rush. Instead, take slow, deliberate steps, and make sure if your dress gets snagged, that you take the time to adjust it and free it before continuing down the aisle.
  • Clear the aisle beforehand. To help avoid unexpected damage to your dress, have a couple of people pick up some obvious rocks, sharp shells, or anything else that could snag your dress. You'll also want to clean up any trash that could affect the look of the aisle.

There are several tips for wearing a wedding gown on the beach that will help keep your big day stress-free and focused on the love instead.