There's no doubt, being a bridesmaid can be a very expensive endeavor. However, standing up there with your friend or family member during one of the biggest moments of her life makes it well worth it. Luckily, we have some tips on sharing bridesmaid costs to help you save money and stay within your budget while still helping to celebrate the bride.

Our tips on sharing bridesmaid costs may not work for every wedding or every party, and while you may not be able to use each tip, hopefully you can find one or two that helps you to save some money.

  • Share skills. If one of the other bridesmaids always has beautiful hair, ask her to do your hair for the big day rather than paying a professional to do it. Same with makeup, if someone is very good with makeup, see if she would be willing to help. Then, everyone can save a bit of cash on the big day.
  • Get group discounts. If you are flying to a destination wedding or needing to stay for a couple of days, go in on a room with your fellow bridesmaids. A $400 room split four ways is a lot cheaper than a $200 room per night just for yourself.
  • Look at Groupon. In many cases, if you are required to attend a spa day or event for the bride, you may be able to find a coupon or discount that will help you to save some money.
  • Ride together. If you live close by to another bridesmaid or two, save on some gas money by traveling together. You'll have more fun if you have several hours to drive, and then only one car is having to travel, and splitting gas money is always cheaper.
  • DIY for the shower! Save some money and have a crafting afternoon where you and the bridesmaids design some of the décor and centerpieces rather than go out and purchase them all. The same can be done with food, save some money by making different sweet drinks and treats for the event rather than buying them.

We hope our tips on sharing bridesmaid costs help you to save some money and still fulfill all your duties to the bride on her big day.