Your girls have been there with you through it all. Whether you've been friends since birth or some of them were your sorority sisters in college, they have a special place in your heart, and they have agreed to be a part of your big day. To make things easier on them, we've put together some ways to cut costs for bridesmaids. Being a part of the bridal party can be a large commitment of time and finances, and it would be a shame to not have an important person in your life attending just because of finances.

Ways to cut costs for bridesmaids don't have to affect your entire wedding plan. In fact, there are easy ways to do this, giving your bridesmaids a bit more freedom, without ruining the vision that you have for your big day.

  • Let them pick the dress. Most women spend at least $100 on a bridesmaid dress, if not much more than that, and that's before alterations. Give your bridesmaids a specific color and/or style, and then let them choose the rest. This way, they can find the right dress that suits them and their budget. Just make sure they get your approval first before purchasing!
  • Don't go with expensive jewelry. The dress is expensive enough, allow them to save some money on jewelry by suggesting less pricey alternatives, like crystals, pearls, or cubic zirconias. We have a great selection of pieces that would work, offering a high-quality appearance at a great price.
  • Let them do their own hair and makeup. Obviously, you want to be spoiled as the bride, but if your friends are confident in doing their own hair and makeup, let them have that option and save some money. If you know your future sister-in-law can create beautiful curls, maybe even ask if she would be willing to do their hair in addition to her own. It won't cost your girls a thing, and they'll still look beautiful.
  • Let them do their own nails. If they want to do a spa day with you and get pampered, that's their choice, but their nails don't have to match yours. As long as they are cleaned, and taken care of, no one will be noticing the different polish colors.
  • Skip the bachelorette party or host one at your house. You don't always have to hit the town, or go to a vacation destination. Instead, have your girls over for an old-fashioned sleepover complete with your favorite wines, some cheesy romantic comedies, and a night full of girl talk. Everyone will have so much fun hanging out together, and it won't cost them nearly as much.


There are so many ways to cut costs for bridesmaids that really won't make a big difference to your wedding plans. Unless you had your heart set on a Vegas bachelorette party, in which case, go for it, just make sure your girls know that attendance isn't mandatory.