Every bride and groom has an idea of what they want their wedding to be like. For some, it's all about the venue, while others are very focused on the food that will be served. For some, it's about the overall aesthetics, and that includes the guests. In some cases, you may want to request that your wedding guests wear a certain color theme. This can be tricky, so we've come up with creative ways to require a color theme from your wedding guests.

It's important to get the wording right when trying to figure out ways to require a color theme from your wedding guests. Some guests won't enjoy being told what to wear to your wedding, so you'll want to tread lightly and gently with this subject.

It's pretty common to have the type of attire listed on the invitation or the wedding website, so alongside that, you can put your request that "everyone kindly wear (fill in the color)." This is a source that guests will utilize to determine what to wear, and by putting such a request in, you may help them narrow down their options or even have an excuse to go get a new dress.

Make sure to give your guests enough time to do this. Don't make a last-minute decision to have your guests all wear one color, instead give them plenty of time, and ensure that they haven't already spent money on a new outfit or accessories for your wedding. If you do decide to go more last-minute, use your bridal party to help spread the word about the change in wardrobe, and be understanding if not everyone can follow it.

Keep in mind, while this will look great in pictures, it is not considered a normal request for weddings, so do your best to be considerate about who is attending, and the requests you are making. Give them plenty of notice before making this request, and try to be understanding if not all guests are able to do so.