One of the biggest trends in weddings, and in lifestyle, is reusing and recycling. We are all for that and have some great ways to reuse wedding decorations as home décor. Oh yeah, you can do that, and we’re going to give tips to help you do that in a stunning way. It’s a great way to put some of the money spent to good use, and have some keepsakes from your big day scattered throughout your house as a beautiful memory.

1. Twinkle lights

Let’s face it, twinkle lights give a magical appearance, and that can be used long after the wedding is over. Hang them up in one of your rooms along the wall for ambient lighting and late-night dancing. Or put them up outside on your back porch or patio. They’ll look beautiful, and add a special touch to your house in the form of décor.

2. Ceremony arch

If you’ve chosen to have a beautiful arch as a backdrop, this is one of those items that you are better off purchasing and then reusing. It can be beautiful in your backyard as a backdrop to a cute bench or you can put it off in the side yard, as an archway into the back. Worst case, you can give it to a family member if you are still living in apartments or don’t have enough space in the yard. But in years to come, sitting out under the same arch you said “I do” in front of can bring back wonderful memories you two will cherish forever.

3. Cake stands and dessert trays

When the cake is done, and all the desserts are cleared away, put the cake stand and dessert trays to good use in your home. Cake stands can be used in the kitchen, once again serving delicious treats for your family and friends or you can repurpose them to hold jewelry, bathroom items, and more. They are exceedingly versatile and can make a beautiful addition and display to any room. Dessert trays work in the same way. Use a tray as a decoration on your bed after it’s made each morning. Add a candle, a flower or some seashells to it, whatever matches your room, and set it on the corner of your bed for a fun addition that will look put together and beautiful.

4. Create a shadowbox

Shadowboxes are wonderful ways to save items and commemorate important moments in your life, and then put them on display for all to see. You can put invitations, cake toppers, bouquet pieces, and more. Then display it on a shelf, and see a beautiful reminder of your big day every day.

5. Table signage

Depending on your theme, anything from the Mr. and Mrs. signs that were on your chairs to the cute way you numbered tables with different rustic signs and sayings can be reused and put on your walls as wall décor. It’s a cute way to bring your rustic wedding charm to your house.

No matter the theme, there are always ways to reuse wedding decorations as home décor. You just need to find the right inspiration and figure out exactly where it will go in your new home.