When it comes to the wedding day, all the details need to be perfect to create the magical day of your dreams. From the dress to the napkins, every detail is poured over until it meets the vision the happy couple had in mind for their special day. When it comes to the cake, this is one of the most important elements of the festivities, so you want something special. Here are the top wedding cake trends you need to know when planning your big event.

Real flowers

Flowers are an ever-present element of any wedding. While the flowers are part of the décor, they are also usually a part of the wedding cake. The days of wedding cake flowers being overly cutesy and made of icing are over. Today’s wedding cakes use real, often edible, flowers as a garnish to provide something special and authentic to the mix. A popular trend is to use flowers similar to the bride’s bouquet for a truly beautiful finish touch to any cake.

Hand-painted Flowers

Another one of the most popular cake trends on the wedding scene takes flowers to a more artistic approach. With hand-painted flowers, you get a cake that is beautiful to admire and almost a work of art of its own merits. This is an ideal cake style for those looking to include flowers in a subtle way that is elegant and appropriate for a simpler wedding theme.

Galaxy cakes

For the adventurous couple looking to show off their unique sense of fun, a galaxy cake is a hot trend on the wedding scene. Galaxy cakes can be everything from a celestial inspired cake with tasteful stars to a cake made to resemble the milky way in all its realistic beauty. This is a beautiful touch to a wedding that is already using darker shades of navy or rich purples in their decor colors.


One of the latest cake trends for any type of event, weddings included, is a gemstone design. This is another beautiful way to add some much-needed color to the event and it offers an interesting optical illusion which will make it look the inside of the cake is a gemstone. This is a popular trend for obvious reasons.


When looking for trends that are sophisticated and polished, gold is your go-to. From flecks of gold to gold that covers the entire cake in an elegant way, there is just something about the use of gold in a wedding cake which immediately elevates the elegance factor.