One of the most often used wedding traditions is to throw rice up into the air as the happy couple makes their wedding reception getaway. However, that is an older tradition, and many couples have decided to give it a modern twist that fits better with their needs and the theme of their celebration. In the past, the grains stood for fertility and good crops, and since it has lost that meaning, couples are branching out and coming up with new ideas for wedding confetti alternatives.

Some fun wedding confetti alternatives that you may consider for your big day:

  • Bubbles! These are great, there is no clean-up required, and they can look amazing in pictures. They also are super fun for your guests, and work perfectly if you have a beach or under the sea themed wedding.
  • Sparklers. Go out with a bang, or at least in a beautiful light. These work especially well for a grand exit at the end of the night. Each of your guests is given a sparkler to hold in a row as you make your way down and out of the venue to the getaway car. Just make sure you have buckets of water available, as well as several lighters.
  • Rainbow sprinkles. Give your pictures a touch of color with rainbow sprinkles raining down on you. These tasty treats are colorful, won't hurt landing on you, and will add a special touch of colors to the pictures that you get.
  • Rose petals. Whether you choose to go with the traditional white or want to add a pop of color is up to you. This is fairly traditional but makes for a beautiful moment, and it'll leave you with a wonderful scent too!
  • Sky lanterns. This is a wonderful way to send off wishes for the happy couple. However, these are not allowed in all states, as they can be a serious fire hazard, so please make sure to check your local fire laws and regulations before ordering. Also, make sure your venue allows it. Even if the fire ordinances do, not all venues will.
  • Feathers. This is one of the easiest options when it comes to clean up, as they can easily be swept up off of hardwoods or the outside concrete. They won't get stuck in hair for ages, but they will look beautiful as you walk out, and add a special touch to the pictures.
  • Bells. Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. This is a special exit for those who are planning a winter wedding, and it is especially seasonal for a Christmas time celebration.
  • Glitter. Make sure you allow plenty of time for clean-up for this one, glitter tends to spread, and you may be finding it in your hair or clothes even a week later. However, it will look amazing in the pictures.
  • Birdseed. If both you and the groom are environmentally-conscious, why not feed some wildlife too? Have your guests toss this out, and no clean up is necessary. Not only that, but your wedding is already helping out the wildlife.
  • Leaves. Perfect for a fall wedding, this is a great way to bring the colors of the season into your exit. With reds and yellows, this will add a beautiful pop of color and will rain down on you beautifully.


There are so many wedding confetti alternatives, it just takes some thinking outside of the box.