As every bride knows, every detail of her wedding day has to be perfect. While there is a lot of emphasis on the dress and decor, the smaller details matter just as much in creating the day of your dreams. When it comes to wedding manicure styles, here are 5 of the hottest bridal trends this year.


While this trend may not be new, it is certainly a favorite for wedding manicure styles. A pink manicure is a beautiful way to add some extra femininity in your favorite color to the big day. It also looks lovely against the white of your gown for an added appeal. Best of all, there are variations within the shade to meet the preferences of every bride such as a dusty pink or a sheer blush.


For the modern bride of style, metallics are one of the trendiest wedding manicure styles of today’s bridal scene. Metallics can be in a range of colors as well with the two most popular being a silver or pink. You can choose to add the polish to the entire nail or just the tips for an interesting and modern take on the French manicure.

Classic French

While keeping up with the latest in bridal trends is always a good idea, there is still something to be said of the classics. A classic French manicure is one of the easiest and most pleasing looks out there still to this day. Best of all, this look will work with any dress or dress details to avoid clashing or upstaging your dress or jewelry on the big day.


For those looking for a style to truly stand out, a beaded look is a popular go-to for glamorous brides. You can have small pearls beads, or even diamonds added to your manicure to create a sophisticated and glamorous appeal. The key to making this work is to consider the elements of your jewelry and dress detailing to make sure it all works together.

Simple Gloss

If you are planning a rustic wedding with more subdued details, a simple gloss manicure is perfectly acceptable and allows you to keep the focus on other elements. Many brides would rather have the tradition on their dress or jewelry and leave their nails less decorated on the big day. As long as your nails are shaped and clearly cared for, a clear polish is a tasteful way to keep the focus on other details rather than on your hands.